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Used Cooking Oil Management


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Dispose of your used cooking oil ethically and sustainably with Cookers.

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Used cooking oil collection process

Disposing used cooking oil can be challenging, but with Cookers you no longer have to worry. Our Bulk Cooking Oil Management System streamlines the entire process, from supplying fresh cooking oils to collecting your used cooking oil and refining it for recycling purposes.

Used cooking oil storage unit

All our customer venues are provided with specialised, food grade, stainless steel oil storage units that streamline the used cooking oil collection and reduce the risk of handling hot oil manually.

Scheduled collection

Based on a scheduled service cycle, our dedicated drivers in blue trucks collect your used cooking oil with minimal disruption to your venue.

Recycling used cooking oil

Once your oil is collected, it’s dewatered & decrumbed at our depot, then sent for recycling where it can be repurposed in other industries such as Biodiesel.

Equipment tailored to you

Waste Oil Collection

Cooking Oil Storage Unit

The standard Cookers used cooking oil storage unit is an open-top tank designed to increase efficiency in a service kitchen. These units store used cooking oil, emptied directly into the open top unit. Available in multiple sizes, we can provide you with a storage unit based on your kitchen’s volume usage and available space.

Pick Up Used Oil

Vacuum Unit

The Cookers Vacuum Unit is engineered to reduce the hassle of collecting used cooking oil in a busy kitchen. With little effort, simply remove the used oil from your fryer using the vacuum hose and store the oil in its storage compartment, ready for collection.

Filter Machine

The Cookers Filter Machine is quick, safe and efficient. Effortlessly filter your cooking oil for an improved food quality and clean your oil in a matter of minutes. With a food grade hose rated for high pressure, it can stand the high kitchen heat and filter your oil while reducing the risk of oil spills.

We manage your used cooking oil sustainably and efficiently

With a large national footprint, we offer services across Australia. With reliable 24/7 customer support and professionally trained staff, we aim to enhance efficiency in your busy kitchen.


End-to-end oil management services

We streamline the entire process of oil management, from supplying fresh cooking oil to collecting your used cooking oil and refining it for recycling purposes.


Industry best practice & work safety compliance

We reduce manual labour and heavy lifting, while mitigating the risk of oil spills and accidents to make your venue safer for your staff and customers.


No oil goes to waste

We dewater and decrumb the collected used cooking oil in our depot to be repurposed in other industries such as biodiesel.


Complete traceability

We rely on oil traceability and track every single drop of cooking oil supplied and used - to ensure that no oil gets disposed into drains, waterways and landfill.

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