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We’ve been the preferred cooking oil supplier across Australian Foodservice businesses since 2000.

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Finding a reliable oil supplier to align with your business needs

Working in a fast paced environment, foodservice businesses are heavily dependent on a guaranteed supply of bulk cooking oils to operate efficiently and require a supplier who can fulfil their needs consistently. However, a lot of the time venues either don’t have sufficient space to stock their supply or lack training in effective cooking oil management techniques, which can make storing bulk oils challenging. The traditional way of storing cooking oils in tins is not only outdated, but also eats up staff’s valuable time changing oils manually.

Bulk Cooking Oil Supply

Businesses we serve

Our customers represent all facets of the Australian Foodservice Sector including family operated restaurants & cafes, independently owned hospitality businesses and national licensed venues.

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Casual Dining
Entertainment Venues
Licensed Venues

Consistent, high quality cooking oils for your needs

No two businesses are the same, and we understand. At Cookers, we work closely with you to understand your unique business requirements to provide a tailored solution for your business needs. When you choose Cookers, you choose the highest quality cooking oils, consistent supply and reliable customer service to help increase your kitchen’s efficiency.


National footprint

With 11 depots across Australia, you can rely on us for consistently high quality cooking oils.


Complete oil management system

From supplying fresh cooking oil to the collection of used cooking oil, we’re your one stop shop to ensure a quick turn-around.


Scheduled delivery and collection

Our oil deliveries and collections are scheduled to suit your venue’s requirements.


Increased oil life

We aim to help reduce oil consumption by optimising your oil usage in a way that you’ll get the most life out of your cooking oils.


Improved kitchen efficiency

Our innovative storage solutions streamline your kitchen processes and help improve the efficiency of your kitchen.


Workplace safety compliant

Our smart oil management system reduces the risk of potential spills while improving overall OH&S. Minimal manual handling, no heavy lifting and a safer kitchen environment.

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For all customer enquiries, please fill in this form or call us on 1300 88 22 99 to speak with one of our friendly staff.

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