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Get the freshest oil
in the most sustainable way.

Cookers oil is a hospitality pioneer of eco-sustainability. We don’t just help venues with their supply of fresh Australian oil, we help them with their disposal too.

Choose Sustainability, Choose Cookers.

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Australia's most Sustainable Oil.

At Cookers, we’ve stopped using tins. We’ve pioneered a new system using custom storage tanks, which means 300 less tins end up in landfill per truck of oil delivered. So when you choose Cookers, you’re not just doing good for your customers, you’re doing good for the earth too.

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Good for your customers.
Good for planet earth.

Cookers doesn’t just provide venues with premium Australian oil. At our depots we collect rainwater to reuse, and 30% of our process is powered by our wind turbines, making our oil not only the freshest, but the most sustainable Australia has to offer.

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Cookers. Delivered with Service.

At Cookers, we don’t just deliver the freshest oil Australia has to offer. We pick up the used oil, take it to a biodiesel manufacturer, who turn it into clean fuel. That means nothing goes to waste, and nothing ends up in our oceans. So you can do your bit for the environment just by using Cookers.

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