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Bulk Cooking Oil Suppliers

Cookers work with local farmers to make sure our bulk oils are no more than 2 weeks old at the time of delivery. As Australia’s leading bulk cooking oil suppliers, we pride ourselves on delivering fresh, eco-friendly oils to businesses wherever and when they need them.

Fresh Bulk Oil

We source oils from Australia’s grain belt. Australian oils are internationally renowned for their consistent high quality and superior taste. We’re lucky enough to have some of the world’s best oil right at our doorstep! And unlike the rest of the world, because this superior oil is so close, we can get it fresh! Cookers’ bulk oil is no more than two weeks old at the time of delivery, no matter where you are in the country.

Cookers are the Eco-Friendly Bulk Cooking Oil Suppliers to Australia

As committed as we are to providing fresh bulk oils, we are also committed to cutting out waste. Our environmental conscience underpins everything we do: our HQ runs on rainwater and wind energy. Cookers reusable fresh oil storage units and used oil storage tanks are used to eliminate the need for disposable tins ending up in landfill.

Consistent and Client-focused Bulk Oil Supply

We don’t use lock-in contracts allowing flexibility with your business needs. Cookers’ trucks are fitted with state-of-the-art measuring capabilities so you only pay for the oil you get each delivery. As our client, we work with you so that you have a consistent stream of oil and are never caught out! Our delivery and pick-up schedules are based on your needs. Cookers’ specialists will provide you with your bulk cooking oil as you need it. We take care of all the heavy lifting in line with OH&S and work with you to determine a consistent bulk oil delivery and removal schedule. Cookers are no-fuss bulk cooking oil suppliers, supplying the hospitality industry with the bulk oils they need. We take care of all your bulk oil needs, from fresh oil delivery to used oil collection, to make sure you never have too little oil in your commercial kitchen.

Our Oils

All of our oils are HACCP-certified, and we have a range of Kosher and Halal-certified bulk oils. Our range includes:

Whatever your cooking needs, Cookers will have the right cooking oil for you. Talk to us about your bulk oil requirements and start enjoying our fresh and eco-friendly bulk oils today.


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