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We understand the need to have a reliable supply chain to ensure consistency in production, efficiency & quality.

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Meeting industry standards

One of the greatest challenges within a food manufacturing business is a reliable supply chain that meets food standards and requirements. With strenuous obligations to meet various regulations (FSANZ, GFSI & CODEX), customised requirements and industry specific audits, there’s a lot to consider when dealing with ingredient supply chains & plant equipment.

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Businesses we serve

Each industry has unique culinary requirements, and we understand that. Our expertise in the supply and installation of cooking oil management systems for small, medium and large manufacturers has made Cookers the preferred choice across various food and non-food manufacturing industries.

Food Manufacturers
Non-Food Manufacturers

Consistent, high quality cooking oils for your needs

As a business, we understand the need to have a reliable supply chain of essential ingredients like cooking oil to ensure consistency in production and quality control. Along with being able to supply consistent volumes of bulk cooking oil, we offer best practice in oil management, that’s safe, efficient, innovative and compliant with different industrial regulations.


Customised solutions

We create oil supply and storage solutions tailored to suit your manufacturing requirements.


Consistent quality

No matter the operational size of your manufacturing, you can trust Cookers to supply only the freshest, highest quality cooking oils consistently.


Food grade equipment

Our innovative equipment reduces the risk of contamination with air, light and varied temperatures, making the oil less prone to oxidisation.


Food safety compliant

Our bulk cooking oils meet global & local standards (CODEX, FSANZ) and are SQF certified, ensuring that they align with the strict industrial regulations of the Australian food manufacturing sector.


Workplace safety compliant

Our efficient oil management system reduces the risk of spills & manual handling incidents in your production kitchen.


Custom built oils

Our oils are purpose built to suit your industrial specifications and can be used for a wide range of applications.

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