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Sustainable system makes oil disposal easy

Cooking oil is an essential ingredient in a commercial kitchen. It’s also an ingredient that requires some extra care. From the hazards of handling hot oil through to safely disposing of it once used, managing the life cycle of this vital product is something every venue serving food needs to think about.

In the bad old days, when the environment was treated like one massive rubbish bin, kitchenswould buy their oil in a tin or boxand-bag and then send the used oil to the ocean via the sink or drain, while the original packaging would end up in landfill. Nothing about the practice was sustainable or environmentally friendly. 

However, Cookers Bulk Oil System has helped change all that. As pioneers of ecosustainability within the hospitality industry, their system of cooking oil management takes care of everything from the first drop to the last. Adhering to industry best practice, they source fresh Australian oil, which they then deliver to commercial kitchens.

‘‘We will then also come and collect the used oil once they’ve finished with it and it gets a second home in the biodiesel industry,’’ explains general manager sales Garry Nash. To enable customers to safely store the fresh and used oil in  separate equipment, Cookers provides stainless-steel food-grade units free on loan. This allows Cookers to then regularly fill those custom tanks from their trucks and easily collect the used oil. ‘‘This means 300 less tins end up in landfill per truck of oil delivered,’’ Nash says.

A pioneer in cooking oil management has made its business customer-focused and eco-friendly.

Cookers is a proudly Australian company, with all their food-grade stainless-steel equipment manufactured right here in Melbourne. They have employees only, and not contractors, to help protect local jobs and industry.

‘‘It’s a private family business that started 21 years ago,’’ says managing director Peter Fitzgerald.

From first opening in Victoria, they have grown to become the market leader in this sector. With 10 depots and warehouses across the country, they can service manufacturers, restaurants, cafes, hotels, takeaway and fast food establishments in capital cities and popular regional holiday destinations with ease.

‘‘We don’t really discriminate. We have mum-and-dad operators, and we also deal with some really well-known multinational businesses,’’ says Nash. ‘‘We’ve got 20-plus salespeople on the road nationally, who service our customers on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.’’

Oil management training is also a big part of the service they offer. 

‘‘We educate businesses and make sure they’re getting the best life and longevity out of their oil, rather than potentially using more oil than they need to.’’

The equipment provided and maintained by Cookers also provides OH&S benefits to their customers. ‘‘So in years gone by, prior to the Cookers model, kitchen staff would have to lift heavy drums or bags and boxes of oil, and at
times, hot used oil, too. Our equipment removes that practice,’’ Nash says.

To further prove their commitment to sustainability, Cookers collect rainwater at their depots to reuse and 30 per cent of their electricity needs are powered by the wind turbine at their Derrimut head office. They are also one of the few Australian companies with an International Sustainability and Carbon Certification, which is an independent certification for sustainable practices.

‘‘Our service levels are high,we only sell oil and offer support behind the scenes,’’ says Nash. ‘‘The premise – and success – of our business is thatwe have ...madethings easier, safer and more sustainable for our customers."

*Reproduced by permission from THE AGE.
*Article: Sustainable system makes oil disposal easy


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