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The Benefits of Recycling Used Cooking Oil

The Benefits of Recycling Used Cooking Oil

Too many commercial kitchens incorrectly dispose of used cooking oil. However, Cookers aims to recycle used cooking oil to minimise waste and contribute to Australia’s National Waste Policy of a 10% waste reduction per person by 2030.

So what exactly are some of the key benefits to recycling used cooking oil?

Renewable Energy

Recycling used cooking oil not only prevents damage to our environment, but it also allows an alternative to petroleum-based diesel fuels. When recycled, it can be made into Biodiesel fuels which are used in diesel engines to power machines and vehicles. It is clean and helps to minimise pollution.


Helps Protect the Environment

Traditionally commercial cooking oil is delivered in 20 litre tins or plastic and cardboard boxes. Companies such as Cookers, use custom oil storage units to store fresh oil and extract used cooking oil. The use of these storage units rather than tins, helps to prevent tins and residual oil left in the tins, from ending up in landfill.

How else can recycling used cooking oil help the environment?

  • Used oil is turned into Biodiesel fuels
  • Prevents pipes and stormwater drains from clogging
  • Helps protect the waterways.


Promotes Sustainability in Business

Recycling and used cooking oil services help to promote sustainability within businesses. It encourages staff to make small environmentally friendly changes, allows other companies to see the benefits of recycling and aligns businesses with sustainable practices across the industry. By using recycling used oil services, companies small or large, can help reduce their carbon footprint.


Creates Jobs

The benefits of recycling used cooking oil are not only good for the environment but for the circular economy too. Why? By enabling products to be kept in circulation for as long as possible, by extracting, making, consuming and repurposing the material, we inevitably create job opportunities. These jobs include information technology, engineering, sales, marketing, accounting and training, among others.


Protects Drains & Sewer Lines

Pouring used cooking oil down drains and into plumbing systems will not only clog and crack the pipes but also do irreversible damage to the sewer lines. Why? Because water and used cooking oil have different properties and used cooking oil will eventually solidify. Utilising services such as the recycling of used cooking oil, will not only avoid these potential issues, but also prevent costly plumbing repairs.  


Cookers – Benefits of Recycling Used Cooking Oil

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