Oil Management Systems

Cooking Oil Management & Handling Systems

Cookers handles all your cooking oil needs with a simple and sustainable system while you work on your business.

It starts with Australian sourced cooking oil delivered fresh within 2 weeks of production with our oil tank farm receiving daily deliveries.

Our fresh cooking oil is quality controlled and tested with full accreditations for HACCP, Kosher, Halal and Organic.

It’s delivered to your premise on a regular call cycle by our Fresh oil trucks and dispensed into our purpose designed oil storage units provided free of charge.

Immediate invoicing to you from our trucks occurs with each delivery. Our trucks measurement system is based on the National Weights and Measures guidelines and are calibrated on a regular basis to comply with external audit requirements.

Understanding your business cooking oil needs means we will develop a regular call cycle without the need for your staff to contact us.

Your freshly delivered cooking oil is ready for you to fill your fryer when required.

Cookers will then pick up your used cooking oil on a regular call cycle which is stored in a free used cooking oil storage unit provided to your business.

Our Used oil trucks then collect theused cooking oil that is to be converted into biofuel for our fleet or go into stock feed.

Your dedicated Business Development Manager will manage all your cooking oil management needs including service calls, oil life cycle testing, filter machines for hire.

In addition we have ongoing support through online training and instructional videos on the use of our oil management system, cooking oil tips and oil storage unit checklists.

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